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Top 9 benefits of indoor plants and living walls you need to know

Indoor plants and living walls are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and improve health and well-being.

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Indoor plants and living walls are becoming more and more popular. But indoor gardening is not one of those trends that will fade quickly. It’s here to last and with good reason, as it’s proven how houseplants improve health and well-being in many ways.

Let’s explore the top 9 benefits of living and working surrounded by greenspaces:

1. Better air

Plants reduce CO2 levels by 10 to 25% and remove significant quantities of VOCs from the air. More in details, 1 m2 of plants and living walls extracts 2.3 kg of CO2 per annum from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen. Therefore they contribute to air purification.

2. Better acoustics

Plants absorb, diffract and reflect sound. So adding plants to a room can change its acoustic dramatically. Studies show that a green wall absorbs 41% more noise than a traditional wall, making the room much quieter. This means that ambient noise can be halved by including plants in your design.

3. Powerful healing environment

Greenery encourages fast recovery, reduce stress and boosts the mood. Certainly a green environment improves your tolerance of pain, that’s why it’s known as a ‘healing environment’.

4. Health and wellbeing

Greenery offers relaxation and reduces stress. Therefore being connected with nature improves our health, wellbeing and productivity. Furthermore, natural shapes, textures and colours can all impact our sense of wellbeing.

5. Productivity and creativity

Having views of plants highly increase our productivity and creativity. Clearly plants are natural air-filters. A cleaner air creates a more invigorating work environment, and as a result employees’ health and production will overall increase.

6. Art

Plant and living walls can be awesome pieces of art that transform the feeling of a room. Since the 1970s, living walls have successfullyadded interest and elegance to interiors around the world. They are testimonial to excellent design, plant selection, innovation, and plant care in horticulture.

7. Workplace satisfaction

Psychologists have found that adding some green indoor can improve employee satisfaction and can increase productivity by up to 15%.

8. Add value to your brand

Combined with a decrease in energy costs, the natural and sustainable look of your work space may be seen as a symbol of your environmental and social performance. This has proven to lead to an improved brand image, happier shareholders, increased productivity, and countless more benefits.

9. More social interaction

Working and living in a green environment brings people together. Most importantly it is known that ‘small scale greenery’ in particular has a positive effect on social cohesion.

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