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5 Tips to Design Your Best Bedroom Ever

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How do you design your best bedroom, the most comfortable and cosy bedroom? Many people think that they must design and decorate the second floor rooms just after they have decorated and designed all of the rooms on the first floor; however, the bathrooms and the master bedroom are the areas that most need immediate attention.

This article covers some tips as well as reasons why you would want to design your master bedroom with great care and attention.



1. Personalities

Making your bedroom special is easy as long as you keep in mind all of the options available to you. Each person’s personality should be reflected in their bedroom. It is likely that women may want something romantic, and men might want something bold and unique. If you are a couple, compromise will be key here.

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2. Budget

Also, keep in mind the price. Decorating the bedroom will cost you more and more if you do not stick to the budget. When you’re a new homeowner, the budget is especially crucial, since you don’t know what you would like for your bedroom but you have a lot of ideas.

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3. Colour

When you have clear what your budget is, it’s time to start thinking about the type of paint you should use. Once you have chosen a color that you like, pick another color that will complement the walls in the room. 

Color is the key to making the space look and feel great.

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4. Fabrics

Next, experiment with window treatments, fabric, and other décor items. Fabric can help you make the room more whimsical and dramatic. In addition, you will find that there are other items such as mirrors, candles, and others that will make the room look warm and inviting. Your bedroom should incorporate some of the things that you and your partner like.

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5. Funds

If you are looking for new furniture, but you don’t have a lot of funds, you may want to consider holding a yard sale. You will find that having a yard sale before you start decorating will allow you to dispose of some of the items that you planned on tossing, but you will also be able to stretch your budget so that you can create a bedroom that you could imagine.

Keep in mind that the bedroom is not something that everyone is going to see. However, it is something that you will need to do for yourself so that you can sleep comfortably all night long and keep your mind and body healthy.

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Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Stock House Plans

The process of building a home is an exciting experience. It is the one time in life where you have total control over what it looks like, how large it will be, and where it will go on your property. With that said, homeowners are always looking for ways to save money. Purchasing stock house plans can do just that!

This article covers some benefits as well as reasons why you would want to purchase these plans instead of going through traditional means.

4 Benefits of Purchasing Stock House Plans


1. Save time and money. The plans are already designed for you!

It’s true! Purchasing stock house plans provide many benefits over the traditional route, including saving time and money. This trend is often adopted by homeowners looking for ways to save money on the design process. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to how easy it can be. For example, you would not need to provide your own specifications or materials within the home in order to complete the build since these are already taken care of when purchasing a preexisting plan that meets your needs.

Stock House Plans are a great way to save time and money


2. Have a home that is more affordable than if you were to build it yourself

The cost difference of building your own home vs. buying a stock house plan can be significant. When you build your own home, you are in charge of every detail, from the foundation to the roof. Not only do you have to purchase the materials and hire the contractors, but you also have to factor in your time and labor costs. In contrast, when you purchase a stock house plan, all of those details are already taken care of for you. The materials are pre-selected. This not only saves your contractor time, but it allows you to get accurate bids from lumberyards and suppliers in a short amount of time. So, not only will you save on design costs, but you will also save on construction costs!


3. Design your dream home without having to hire an architect or designer

Stock plans are designed by experts so they are the right size, use the best materials and offer all of the latest in home construction techniques. That is because these pre-planned homes are already equipped with what any customer may need when it comes to decisions on design, layout and amenities. You won’t have to worry about wasting money on expensive mistakes.


4. Resale Opportunity

The design of the home is what typically sets it apart and provides a resellable value. You can think of it as an investment, where you invest in the design and the house becomes more valuable as a result. This is because most buyers are looking for something that already has a specific design and many of those people will still be looking for those certain features or amenities they want in their new home. With that said, buying stock house plans often provides the best chance at getting that resellable value because there are so many different styles to choose from!

Stock House Plans are a great way to save on the design process and construction costs of building your new home. If you want an affordable, yet high-quality home that includes all of the latest in-house building techniques, then Stock House Plans may be for you!

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Stock House Plans

Top 9 benefits of indoor plants and living walls you need to know

Indoor plants and living walls are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and improve health and well-being

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Indoor plants and living walls are becoming more and more popular. But indoor gardening is not one of those trends that will fade quickly. It’s here to last and with good reason, as it’s proven how houseplants improve health and well-being in many ways.

Let’s explore the top 9 benefits of living and working surrounded by greenspaces:

1. Better air

Plants reduce CO2 levels by 10 to 25% and remove significant quantities of VOCs from the air. More in details, 1 m2 of plants and living walls extracts 2.3 kg of CO2 per annum from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen. Therefore they contribute to air purification.


2. Better acoustics

Plants absorb, diffract and reflect sound. So adding plants to a room can change its acoustic dramatically. Studies show that a green wall absorbs 41% more noise than a traditional wall, making the room much quieter. This means that ambient noise can be halved by including plants in your design.


3. Powerful healing environment

Greenery encourages fast recovery, reduce stress and boosts the mood. Certainly a green environment improves your tolerance of pain, that’s why it’s known as a ‘healing environment’.


4. Health and wellbeing

Greenery offers relaxation and reduces stress. Therefore being connected with nature improves our health, wellbeing and productivity. Furthermore, natural shapes, textures and colours can all impact our sense of wellbeing.


5. Productivity and creativity

Having views of plants highly increase our productivity and creativity. Clearly plants are natural air-filters. A cleaner air creates a more invigorating work environment, and as a result employees’ health and production will overall increase.


6. Art

Plant and living walls can be awesome pieces of art that transform the feeling of a room. Since the 1970s, living walls have successfullyadded interest and elegance to interiors around the world. They are testimonial to excellent design, plant selection, innovation, and plant care in horticulture.


7. Workplace satisfaction

Psychologists have found that adding some green indoor can improve employee satisfaction and can increase productivity by up to 15%.


8. Add value to your brand

Combined with a decrease in energy costs, the natural and sustainable look of your work space may be seen as a symbol of your environmental and social performance. This has proven to lead to an improved brand image, happier shareholders, increased productivity, and countless more benefits.


9. More social interaction

Working and living in a green environment brings people together. Most importantly it is known that ‘small scale greenery’ in particular has a positive effect on social cohesion.


As indoor plants can make a difference in our life, we can make a difference in the lives of 10,000 artisans and their families by choosing ethically-sourced products.

As indoor plants can make a difference in our environment, we can return the favor to the Earth by using products that are locally sourced, recycled and made with renewable materials.


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