Design your 3D home withHomeByMe

Discover with us how awesome companies help us make the world more sustainable and a better place. This pick of the week, HomeByMe, helps you deign your 3D home.

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HomeByMe is an online 3D home planning service developed by 3DVIA, a Dassault Systèmes SE brand, based in the center of Paris.

3D home

With HomeByMe you become the active participant in the changes made to your living spaces.

Planning DIY projects for your home and then carrying them out is now a fun and enjoyable experience!

The online service allow you to easily imagine, configure, visualize and review home products and furniture layouts using a virtual version of your home before making any purchase or remodelling decisions.

3D home

Designing floor plans or choosing new bedroom colours is fun and simple with this piece of software, and you can experiment your style and personality in a unique way.

3D home

Sharing ideas with friends and experts to get input from third parties is a crucial element in the design of a home.

Homebyme has made it possible for everyone to access their home in a virtual world.

There is no better way to support important decision-making than to see it come to life virtually.

Homebyme offers the latest technologies to provide a fully immersive experience in your own home.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

This immersion is achieved by means of virtual reality goggles in the shops of partner brands, or by using some cardboard and a simple smartphone.

Have fun with HomeByMe here.

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