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Energy Saving Surge Protectors of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

With the best energy saving surge protector, you can easily power all your devices with peace of mind.

Whether you’re building a new PC or setting up your video game consoles, a surge protector is a must-have.

With these devices, you can guarantee your expensive appliances and electronics are protected against overcurrents, overvoltages, sharp power spikes, and more.

So, let’s review five top-rated options to help you find the best surge protector for your home or office.

Energy Saving Surge Protector Reviews

1. LVETEK USB Wall Charger

The LVETEK USB Wall Charger may look like a standard wall charger, but it has plenty of great benefits.

With its easy-to-use design, you’ll have five extended outlets and four additional USB ports for charging your devices.

Not to mention its three-sided design is fantastic for fitting behind furniture or under your desk.


Let’s look into some of the highlights of the LVETEK USB Wall Charger.

  • Multifunctional Design

This wall charger is ideal for extending the capabilities of your wall outlets.

You’ll have five standard AC outlets to use as well as four USB ports.

There’s also the added benefit of a 1680-joule surge protector, keeping your electronics safe against power surges.

  • Smart Features

One of the things you’ll love with this surge protector is that it’s great for living sustainably.

With its smart power features, the charger detects which devices are connected.

It helps to ensure the correct voltage is delivered to your electronics, so they charge efficiently and consume far less power.

  • Wall Mountable

One of this outlet’s more unique features is its mountable. You’ll plug it into a standard duplex plug and then use the included screw to screw it into the wall.

This feature is remarkable if you have small animals and children in your home.


  • Very easy installation
  • Helps to save space
  • Easy-to-use USB charging
  • Features an advanced USB-C port


  • Challenging to use with GFCI outlets
  • Not recommended for humid areas

2. Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Surge Protector

This model is one to keep in mind if you want a simple surge protector.

The Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Surge Protector is available in black and white, offering plenty of power input for all your electronics.

This strip is highly recommended if you need surge protection for your entertainment systems or small kitchen appliances.


Let’s review the highlights of the Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Surge Protector.

  • Six-Outlet Design

The main feature you’ll love with this power strip is its power management.

With six different outlets, you’ll have an adequate power supply to work with your must-have, daily appliances.

In total, the power strip has a 790-joule rating, speaking to its reliability and efficient power draw.

  • Built-in Surge Protection

As expected, this power outlet comes with integrated surge protection.

With its three-line surge design, small appliances, lamps, phones, and even laptops can be protected.

  • LED Indicators

One of the more unique features of the Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Surge Protector is its LED indicators.

In the event of a power interruption, the red LED tells you whether or not the strip is protected.

  • Integrated Circuit Breaker

Along with its impressive power requirements, this power strip also has a safety mechanism.

With its built-in circuit breaker, the product automatically shuts down if too much power is brought into the strip.

This feature is essential as it helps protect your appliances.


  • Easily protects against power spikes
  • Can hide behind furniture
  • Plenty of outlets for essentials
  • User-friendly LED indicators


  • The wall plug is bulky
  • Needs to be replaced if a power surge occurs

3. Yintar Surge Protector

The Yintar Surge Protector is a fabulous option if you like low-profile power-saving surge protectors with a little versatility.

Its level of power protection is ideal for all your favorite electronics, offering stable power flow throughout the day.

It also helps to ensure you’re not producing redundant power, unlike with traditional power strips.


Let’s jump into the key features of the Yintar Surge Protector.

  • Multiple Charging Options

This model is ideal if you need a surge protector that allows you to use many types of connected equipment.

With the Yintar Surge Protector, you can connect devices to one of the six AC outlets or the three USB ports.

Interestingly, there’s one AC outlet that spaces far apart from the others, ideal for large and bulky chargers.

  • Overload Protector

A critical feature of this electronic equipment is its overload protector.

In the event of an overcharge or overvoltage, the power strip instantly cuts the stream of power, protecting your devices.

This feature is also essential for ensuring power spikes don’t affect your critical equipment.

  • Smart Charging

Smart charging is one of the unique features of the Yintar Surge Protector.

The power bar will detect which peripheral devices you have connected, ensuring the right amount of power is provided for charging.

It automatically offers a decrease or increase in voltage, helping you charge your family devices exceptionally quickly.

  • Flat Plug Design

A feature you’ll love with the Yintar Surge Protector is the design of its power cable.

When connected to your outlet, the plug is entirely flat, making it easy to hide behind furniture.


  • Convenient long cord
  • Features a high-speed charger
  • Protects electronics from surges effortlessly
  • Easy-to-use reset switch


  • Cannot see the operation status
  • Can get slightly warm

4. Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

As a common name in household electronics, the Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector is a great option.

It’s larger than the other efficient products we’ve reviewed this far, but it’s well worth the investment.

With plenty of plug options, you’ll find this heavy-duty smart power strip is ideal.


Let’s review some of the best features of the Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector.

  • Multi-Outlet Design

The first thing you’ll notice with this power strip is it has plenty of space for all your connected devices.

With 12 individual outlets, everything you could need can be plugged in at the same time.

Down the center of the bar, you’ll have six closely installed AC outlets.

You’ll love the six exterior-facing outlets if you have bulky chargers and power cables since they’re spaced further apart to accommodate large cables.

  • Phone Line Protection

A feature you don’t often find in modern electronic devices is phone line protection, which can be ideal.

The Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector has RJ11 phone (or fax) protection, allowing continuous connections even with spotty generator power.

It can also protect cable boxes and satellite connections, making it fantastic for any home or office.

  • Advanced Power Solutions

There’s no doubt the Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector is designed for anything.

With its 3940-joule design, you’ll be able to power absolutely anything in your office, from computer systems to a home theatre.

It also protects your advanced power solutions, safeguarding your devices against short circuits, overloads, power spikes, and more.

  • Space-Saving Design

This Belkin energy-saving power strip is a fantastic addition to your home if you need advanced power strips that don’t take up a lot of space.

Although the main unit is large, it’s low-profile, making it great to slide underneath your desk or furniture.

It also has an eight-foot cord and three-prong angle plug, helping to take up less wall space for customized power.


  • Has automatic power child safety locks
  • Feels heavy and high-quality
  • Easily protects against power peaks
  • Offers dependable power


  • Could feel antiquated
  • Might not fit large power cables

5. BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector

Our final recommendation for high-quality access to electrical power is the BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector.

It’s specifically designed to protect your electronics from power surges while also managing your electric power consumption.

It’s one of our favorite power distribution units with its unique design.


Let’s explore some of the features of the BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector.

  • Timer Function

The unique component of this power strip is its timer function. Four of the eight AC outlets have a timer you can manually set.

This feature guarantees the outlets will turn on and off at intervals as short as 15 minutes.

  • Built-in Indicators

Another user-friendly feature of the BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector is its LED lights.

In each row, you’ll find colored lights that tell you the status of the power bar.

You’ll easily be able to tell when the power bar is on and when you have surge protection enabled.

  • Optional Override

In the event you don’t want to use the timer function on the four AC outlets, you can choose to use the override function.

This allows you to manually keep these outlets turned on like the other four.


  • Highly versatile for aquariums
  • Protects in a power outage
  • Has low output power consumption
  • Low-profile design


  • May make a buzzing sound
  • The timers have a learning curve

Choosing the Right Surge Protector

Whether you’re looking to bring power to speakers or charge your family’s devices, you need the best energy-saving surge protector.

Even though they seem simple on the surface, there are several key features to keep in mind.

From their number of outlets to their power density applications, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the best one money can buy.

Let’s get into a list of the top features your dream surge protectors need to have for perfect versatility.

Power Rating

The power rating of your surge protector is one of the most important features to look for.

The higher the power rating, the better the depth of equipment the unit can handle at a time.

For example, a 4000-joule surge protector can safeguard more appliances than a 400-joule model.

Safety and Protection

As expected, safety and protections are two essential factors to remember when shopping for surge protectors.

Without these safeguards, you could wind up with broken and unresponsive equipment during unexpected power surges.

Some of the most important safety features your surge protector should have include:

  • Fire retardant components or fire resistance
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheating protection

Outlet Options

Every voltage protector you come across will have an assortment of outlet options.

Some may have four to six AC outlets for your connected equipment, while others are a little more modernized.

It can be best to have a good blend of AC power and USB outlets for all your devices.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the AC outlets’ size and spacing.

It can be helpful to have two to four additional outlets with extra spacing to accommodate your larger chargers and power cables.

Smart Power

Adding intelligent power products into your home can be a remarkable upgrade.

Modern surge protectors often boast smart power or charging, which guarantees each device is managed at its highest potential.

When plugged into the power bar, the surge protector automatically adjusts its voltage depending on the primary device.

This guarantees that your devices charge faster and that you’re consuming less energy.


Finally, did you know that most quality surge protectors come with a warranty?

This is a feature you must look for, as it safeguards your equipment when using a specific product.

If the current-sensing technology in your chosen surge protector fails, your warranty covers not only the device but also your plugged-in products.

If you buy a product from a reputable company, you’ll find they often have coverage for $500,000 or less.

Best Energy Saving Surge Protector FAQs

1. Are surge protectors energy efficient?

Surge protectors can be energy efficient as long as you find an energy-efficient model.

You’ll want to ensure the strip powers all of your electronics with the perfect level of electricity without overconsumption.

You can also find models with added features, such as customized on-off schedules, to make them even more power efficient.

2. When should surge protectors be replaced?

You should always look to replace your surge protector after you’ve experienced an electric spike.

Most of these bars will have indicator lights to indicate whether the surge protection is active.

If your current product is not protected, it’s time to buy a new one.

3. How much energy does a surge protector use?

Surge protectors consume the same amount of energy as the number of appliances you have plugged in.

It’s important to double-check the total power rating for the unit you’re interested in to see its total potential power draw.

4. Are surge protectors a fire hazard?

Surge protectors designed by reputable companies come with specific protections to stop them from being a fire hazard.

They often stop the flow of electricity if the power bar gets too hot and are often made from flame-retardant materials.

However, low-quality surge protectors aren’t likely to have advanced load-sensing technology to protect you from fire hazards.

5. Are surge protectors necessary?

Many households agree that surge protectors are more than a convenience; they’re necessary.

These fantastic electronic components offer a standard voltage to your must-have appliances.

They also help to reduce your utility bills with power-saving low-power modes.

What Is the Best Energy Saving Surge Protector?

The LVETEK USB Wall Charger is the best energy saving surge protector.

Its low-profile design makes it great for plugging into any outlet. It also has the added benefit of being mountable on the wall.

You’ll also love its smart power and charging feature, guaranteeing your devices get all the power they need to be their best.

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