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Best Energy Saving Power Strips of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Having the best energy saving power strip at your disposal not only helps you save money but the environment as well.

Interestingly, most power saving power strips look identical to their non-power-saving counterparts, making them challenging to tell apart.

Thus, let’s review five spectacular options for switching out your power-hungry strips for something more eco- and energy-bill-friendly.

Energy Saving Power Strip Reviews

1. Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip is undoubtedly the best power strip you’ll find for high-powered items.

It has plenty of smart and energy-conserving features, making it ideal for several homes.

With a sleek, low-profile design, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of bulkier plugs.


Here are some of the key features of the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip:

  • Smart Outlets

The most interesting feature of this power bar is that it comes with smart outlets.

You’ll have three individual plugs to charge and power your devices through and two USB ports.

With their smart controls, you can turn your appliances on and off as needed.

  • Voice Controlled

One feature you might not have expected from energy-saving outlets is voice control.

With this power bar, you can sync it to your Alexa and Google Assistant, using hands-free voice commands to control your devices.

  • Built-in Surge Protection

Protecting your devices from abrupt power loss or a surge in power is essential.

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip offers ETL-certified surge protection.

  • Smart App

Whether you’re at home or work, you’ll always have complete control over the power levels of your control outlet.

Simply download the Kasa app and you can remotely control everything plugged into your power bar.

You can also set specific timers and schedules for outlets to be turned on and off as needed, boosting overall efficiency.


  • Remarkable energy efficiency
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Convenient space-saving design
  • Two always-on USB ports


  • Has fewer AC plugs than desired
  • May have issues connecting to Google Assistant

2. YISHU 6 Ft Surge Protector Power Strip

The YISHU 6 Ft Surge Protector Power Strip is one of the most advanced power strips you’ll come across.

With lower power usage, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of lower energy consumption while still powering your electronic devices.

Its overall design is great compared to traditional power strips, offering a low-profile, flat plug design.


Let’s jump into some of the most remarkable highlights of the YISHU 6 Ft Surge Protector Power Strip.

  • Outlet and USB Design

One of the most notable features of these energy-saving outlets is they also feature USB ports.

It means you can plug your devices right into the power strip rather than requiring a power block and cable.

It’s a fantastic upgrade, ideal for modernized homes or offices.

In total, there are eight individual outlets and four USB ports. You’ll find USB A and USB C charging ports, allowing you to charge your devices remarkably face.

  • Three-Sided Design

Another great feature of this smart power strip is its three-sided design, making it more low-profile.

You’ll find that there are approximately two inches of space between each socket, allowing ample room for different-sized plugs.

Also, as it’s thinner, so it fits easily against the wall, behind furniture, and in other similar areas.

  • Safety Protections

Besides being a smart power strip with energy efficiency, the YISHU 6 Ft Surge Protector Power Strip is safe.

It has FCC, ETL, and RoHS certificates which feature protection against overcurrents, short circuits, overvoltages, and overheating.

If your appliances begin to draw too much power (over 600 joules), these advanced power strips will automatically cut the power to all connected devices.

  • Six Foot Extension

This model is a great upgrade if you’re tired of using generic power bars with short cables.

It is six feet long, making it easy to place relatively anywhere in your home for easy access.


  • Fantastic for multiple plug sizes
  • Easily fits behind headboards
  • Compact and great for travel
  • Holds onto pins easily


  • Questionable longevity
  • May reduce phone charging speed

3. Alestor Power Strip

The Alestor Power Strip has everything you would expect from advanced power strips with reduced energy costs.

It has a sleek, low-profile design, making it great to fit behind furniture or under your desk at work.

Along with numerous outlets, it also has the option to charge via a USB port, which you’re sure to love.


Let’s jump into the highlights of the Alestor Power Strip.

  • Multi-Function Design

As mentioned, this power strip is designed for the everyday person. Along with the USB port charging option, you’ll have 12 AC outlets to choose from.

There’s also a built-in surge protector, which helps to protect your devices against electricity fluctuations and spikes.

  • Unique Spacing

Most of the AC outlets on this power strip are spaced normally.

However, there are two at the end that features two inches of added space, ideal for larger charging bricks.

  • Smart Technology

If you’ve been searching for auto-sensing power strips, the Alestor Power Strip is a great option.

With its smart technology, the strip detects which devices are plugged in, ensuring the optimal charging power gets delivered to each device.

This technology is compatible with most USB devices you might have plugged in.

  • Safety Ratings

As you would expect, this power control outlet also has all the protections you need for peace of mind.

With ETL safety certification and UL certifications, it helps to protect your devices against overcurrents.

Also, there’s environmental protection and fire resistance built into the flame retardant shell, adding to the strip’s overall durability.

  • Copper Wiring

Another fantastic feature that helps to reduce active power waste with your new power strip is the wiring used in the power cable.

The Alestor Power Strip features copper wires, which offer higher conductivity and far more efficient power output.

You’ll find the copper wiring also keeps the power cable cooler.


  • The longer cord is convenient
  • Plenty of ports for all electronics
  • Fast-charging USB ports
  • Feels stable when plugged in


  • Plug arrangements could be too close
  • LED lights are too bright

4. GE 6-Outlet Power Strip

GE is well-known for its power-saving capabilities, and these conventional power strips are no different.

These are fantastic solutions if you’re looking for a source of constant power without running up your electrical bill.

With plenty of access to power, you can power anything from appliances to a small computer.


Let’s look into the highlights of the GE 6-Outlet Power Strip.

  • Dependable Power Options

The GE 6-Outlet Power Strip is relatively straightforward, offering six standard outlets for you to plug into.

With the onboard power switches, you can easily turn the devices on and off as needed.

It helps reduce energy from vampire power, ensuring your house only uses the electricity it needs.

  • Versatile Cord Options

You’ll find several different cord lengths you can choose from, depending on your preference.

There’s the option of a two-foot power cord to a 25-foot cord.

  • Built-in Protections

As with any power management tool, the GE 6-Outlet Power Strip features an ample amount of built-in protection.

You’ll have a circuit breaker that will immediately cut power to the cord if it overheats or if there’s an overvoltage.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing it’s UL listed and boasts a lifetime replacement policy for your safety.

  • Easily Mountable

Instead of keeping your power bar on the floor, why not consider mounting it?

The GE 6-Outlet Power Strip comes with keyhole slots on the rear, making it easy to keep off the floor.



  • No built-in surge protection
  • Feels inexpensive and lightweight

5. Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Power Strip

The Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Power Strip is a combination of a surge protector and a power strip in one.

With a design similar to regular power strips, it’s a reliable power supply that you can use to bring power to your home or office products.

In addition to its constant stream of power, the surgery protector protects your devices against unnecessary power loss.


Let’s jump into the main features of the Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Power Strip.

  • Six Outlets Per Bar

When you bring this power bar into your home, you’ll have six individual outlets per bar.

Since it comes in a pack of two, you have 12 outlets in total, making it perfect for theater devices, office equipment, and more.

  • Surge Protection

The surge protection in these bars isn’t the highest on the market, but it can be helpful.

You’ll have a three-line basic surge protection of up to 200 joules, protecting your phones, small appliances, and more.

  • Indicator Lights

Indicator lights are a feature you’ll find with most of these types of devices.

With the Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Power Strip, there are bright red LEDs that let you know the current is protected.


  • Simple on-off button
  • Standard design
  • Six easy-to-use ports
  • A quality device with surge protection


  • Makes a high-pitched sound
  • Short cord

How to Choose an Energy Saving Power Strip

Choosing the right energy saving power strip can take time and effort.

You’ll not only want a device that reduces vampire power. You also need one that maintains adequate power levels daily to keep your appliances working.

Not to mention you’ll also need a low-profile device with protection in a power outage.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explore the top features to look for to help you find the best power strip models on the market.


When it comes to using an energy-preserving power strip, having connectivity can be quite helpful.

Most smart models will come with the ability to connect to WiFi, allowing you to manage the power bar from anywhere in your home.

Also, some higher-end models allow you to download an app so you can have remote control of your power strip from anywhere.

With connectivity, you can set power schedules, deciding when certain ports will be turned on and off.

You can also manually turn a specific port on or off if you accidentally leave an appliance on.

Another remarkable feature of connectivity is it usually allows you to review your home’s power consumption, mastering control over high power-consuming devices.

Auto On-Off

An auto on-off feature isn’t necessary for most power strips, but it can be an incredible advantage for power savings.

If the power strip has power detection challenges or your devices aren’t being used, these power bars will automatically shut off.

This process ensures your home isn’t consuming power when it doesn’t need to be.

Safety and Protection

As with any power bar you bring into your home, its safety is one of the most important things to note.

All standard power bars should be UL-listed and ETL-certified at the least.

It guarantees the device will be protected against overheating, over-currents, and more.

Plugs and Ports

Having many plugs and ports is a must-have for any power strip to get the most out of the unit.

Always make sure the model you choose has enough AC and USB outlets for all your devices.

Power Cord

The final feature to remember when buying a power strip is the length and quality of its cord.

The power cord not only determines the longevity of the power strip but its ease of use as well.

Longer power cords with some flexibility can be preferable, allowing you to position the power bar wherever it’s most convenient.

Best Energy Saving Power Strip FAQs

1. How do energy saving power strips work?

Energy saving power strips can work in many ways. Some models are designed with auto on-off features, while others allow you to set up custom energy usage schedules.

Other power strips come with built-in features that only allow a certain level of power to be withdrawn at a time, reducing your overall consumption.

2. Does a power strip save energy?

It’s important to note not all power strips are designed to save energy.

Always make sure there’s some integrated tech that helps you fully manage the device’s power consumption.

When you find an energy saving power strip, you can save up to 48% of your average daily consumption.

3. How to use energy saver power strip?

Using these unique power strips is significantly easier than you’d think.

All you have to do is plug them into the wall and plug your devices in as you would with a traditional power strip.

If it has extra features, such as WiFi connectivity, follow the included instructions to set everything up.

4. Are power strips safe?

As long as you take the time to choose regulated power strips for your home, they are 100% safe to use.

The best models are fire resistant, automatically shut down if they get too hot, and feature surge protection for your devices.

5. Are power strips surge protectors?

Not all power strips come with surge protection, which is an important feature to consider.

With this added benefit, your plugged-in devices are protected in the event of a power surge, preventing them from being fried.

What Is the Best Energy Saving Power Strip?

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip is the best energy saving power strip with its modernized features.

You can connect it to WiFi, it protects your devices against overvoltage, and its smart features are remarkable.

Undoubtedly, it will help you to save an incredible amount of money monthly.

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