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Best Energy Saving Curtains of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Adding the best energy saving curtains to your home can make a world of difference.

In the winter, you’ll find your home can reserve far more warmth, while in the summer, they can block out the heat to keep indoors cooler.

Not to mention the added benefit of lower heating and cooling costs, especially for homes in inclement climates.

In this guide, we’ll explore five energy-efficient and aesthetic curtain panels to help you decorate your home.

Energy Saving Curtains: A Review

1. NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

The NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains is a fantastic, affordable option that comes in a set of two.

With easy-to-use grommets, you’ll find these curtains hang beautifully across an assortment of windows.

Plus, since they’re blackout, they help eliminate direct sunlight, making them highly efficient curtains to consider.


Let’s jump into the highlights of the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains.

  • UV-Ray Blocking

As mentioned, these curtains help reduce heating energy by blocking direct sunlight.

When installed, you’ll be able to keep up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home.

It’s important to note that the darker the color of the curtains, the better they’ll block the sun.

  • Noise-Reducing

Another interesting feature of these window treatments is they help to reduce noise echoing.

The thick and lofty material absorbs sound waves, making them the perfect addition to a family room or theatre.

  • Energy Efficient

As expected, the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains are fantastic for energy efficiency.

With their blackout technology, they balance the temperature of every room.

You’ll also benefit from protecting your floor and furniture from sun damage over time.

  • Wrinkle-Free

When you receive your new window blinds in the mail, you’ll find they’re designed to be wrinkle-free.

However, if they need laundering in the future, you can wash them on cold and tumble dry them on low.

Additionally, feel free to steam or iron them on low heat settings as needed.


  • Fantastic for adding privacy
  • Helps block drafts in winter
  • Stylish with high-quality stitching
  • Darker colors block light perfectly


  • Light colors poorly block light
  • Have very little lining

2. ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Window Curtains

The ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Window Curtains have everything you’d expect from high-quality residential window coverings.

Its blackout and insulated technology make it a fantastic solution for keeping the heat out in summer and keeping warmth in during winter.

With a pocket design rather than a grommet, it’s the perfect aesthetic for any room in your home.


Let’s explore the features of the ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Window Curtains.

  • Light Blocking

The most important feature of these energy-efficient curtains is their light blocking.

You’ll be able to prevent up to 99% of UV rays and sunlight from entering any room, especially with the pocket-designed top.

Not only does this help with energy efficiency, but also protects your furniture from UV damage over the years.

  • Thermaback Technology

The ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Window Curtains is designed for every household.

Along with light-blocking technology, it also features patented Thermaback tech.

With this tech, you’ll be able to reduce intrusive sunlight that can interrupt the thermal benefits of your curtains.

Overall, it adds a far more reliable insulated barrier throughout all seasons.

  • Easy Maintenance

Like many other high-quality pairs of curtains, the ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Window Curtains are easy to maintain.

You can wash it gently in cold water and tumble dry at low. There’s also the option to iron the curtains if you need to remove any wrinkles.


  • Lighter colors block light well
  • Help reduce TV glare
  • Help to keep rooms cooler
  • Keeps the cold out


  • The material is slightly stiff
  • May look cheap

3. BGment Blackout Curtains

The BGment Blackout Curtains were originally designed to stop heat loss in the bedroom but are great for any window casing in your home.

These window drapes are a fantastic solution if you’re looking to reduce heat loss and have lower utility bills.

With their modern design, they’re a remarkable choice for windows exposed to a ton of sunlight throughout the year.


Let’s jump into the highlights of the BGment Blackout Curtains.

  • Grommet Design

When choosing your energy-efficient window attachments, always consider how they’re designed.

These curtains have a grommet closure at the top, making them very easy to slide onto your chosen curtain rod.

Their convenient width and user-friendly style make them great for hiding all cracks around windows.

  • Blackout Style

As expected, these are the perfect curtains to use alongside Energy Star-rated windows.

As fabric window treatments, they block an exceptional amount of sunlight out of a room.

You’ll find it’s great for reducing television glares, keeping bedrooms dark and comfortable, and maintaining good indoor temperatures.

  • Thermal Insulation

Another phenomenal feature of these fabric window shades is their thermal insulation.

This feature helps to prevent heat through windows during all seasons.

In the summer, the thermal curtains keep the inside cool, while the insulated curtains keep the warmth indoors during the winter.

  • Noise Reducing

Noise easily travels through a home when you don’t have operable window coverings.

The BGment Blackout Curtains are blackout curtains remarkable for reducing sound transfer.

You’ll find the full-length curtains are perfect for home theatres.


  • Blocks out most light
  • Keeps bedrooms cool
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hang


  • Wrinkle quite easily
  • Some colors aren’t dark enough

4. Linen Blackout Curtains

These curtains are ideal for you if you’re searching for floor-length curtains with an efficient grommet top.

The heavy curtains have a remarkably luxurious appeal, setting them apart from regular curtains.

You’ll also have the added benefit of insulation and a blackout lining, ideal for any room in your home.


Let’s explore a few of the best features of the Linen Blackout Curtains.

  • Anti-Rust Grommets

One of the largest benefits of these curtains is their nickel grommets.

Over time, they won’t rust, making them a fantastic addition to any room in your home.

  • Blackout Design

Although the Linen Blackout Curtains doesn’t have a black liner layer, its decorative fabric layer is nearly 100% blackout.

That said, you’ll get the most sunlight blocked if you choose darker colors with a higher energy rating.

Along with blocking nearly 100% of light with their blackout option, you can protect your flooring and furniture from UV rays.

  • Unique Design

To ensure these drapes are the best option for homeowners, their design is unique.

It’s crafted from a linen-like material that is known to be soft.

In the lab, they specifically tested the fabric against wind and noise.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

Along with helping you improve your energy performance ratings, these curtains are eco-friendly.

All of their materials are sourced from environmentally-friendly compounds and are manufactured without the use of vinyl.


  • Look classy and elegant
  • Very thick and dark
  • Help with added thermal protection
  • Great for use on old windows


  • The hem may be shorter
  • Not wrinkle-free

5. 100% Blackout Curtains

The 100% Blackout Curtains are straightforward, with rich colors and dark colors in abundance.

These are great options if you’re searching for an energy-saving option that also offers complete insulation.

With their modern bedroom design, they’d look fantastic for both indoor and outdoor living spaces.


Let’s dive into some of the highlights of the 100% Blackout Curtains.

  • Natural Blackout Design

The main feature you’ll love with these curtains is their proper insulation.

With their grommet design, they help to block nearly 99% of sunlight, reducing the temperatures inside your home.

They also block up to 100% UV rays, protecting your furniture and flooring.

  • Safe Design

Finding high-quality curtains that offer additional privacy and are made with top-quality materials can be challenging.

The 100% Blackout Curtains are constructed without the use of PVC or vinyl. When installed, you’ll love their eco-friendly style.

  • Thermal Insulated

Along with being fantastic for blackout needs, these curtains are rated quite high for additional insulation.

If you want to keep your room at a comfortable temperature, the high-performance materials used will help maintain energy efficiency.


  • Easy to keep clean
  • High-quality materials
  • Block more light than expected
  • Keeps cold out


  • Get wrinkled easily
  • Lighter fabrics aren’t as opaque

Choosing the Right Energy Saving Curtain

Finding the perfect designs for your home can be challenging if it’s your first time buying energy saving curtains.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll dive into the top features to keep an eye out for when you start shopping.

We guarantee you’ll know exactly what the best energy saving curtains bring to the table for maximum effectiveness.


The material you choose for your efficient curtains is one of the most important things to note.

The material can make a world of difference, as thinner materials like nylon might not be as light-blocking as linen.

The best materials you can find for blackout curtains include:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Microfiber
  • Suede


The second thing to keep an eye out for when shopping for energy-efficient curtains is their lining.

The lining not only guarantees the curtains block more light, but it’s also responsible for their energy efficiency.

Curtains without a thick, insulated lining aren’t going to help you save as much with heating and cooling.

You’ll want to ensure there’s a second thick panel of fabric on the backside of the curtains.

Some models will feature a panel of polyester, while others may use PVC or vinyl.

It’s best to choose a thick, tightly woven lining rather than plastic, as plastic will wear down and looks tacky over time.


One feature often overlooked when looking to reduce natural light from entering a home is the curtain closure.

At the top of your curtains, you typically have either a grommet or a pocket closure.

Grommets are popular, as they’re easy to string onto curtain rods and look modern, but they are also known to let in far more light.

Pocket closures are more challenging to work with, but they help to keep most of the light out.

You’ll also find as they sit closer to the top of your window casing, they prevent heat and cool loss through windows.


When you think about adding curtains to windows in your home, you need to consider the colors available.

It’s important to have the right colorways to match the aesthetic of any room in your home.

However, colors are also essential for an energy-efficient window attachment product.

The darker the colors of your curtains, the better they’ll be at blocking out light and offering thermal insulation.

Lighter colors can look beautiful and lightweight but also let light gain through windows, making them a less popular option.


The final thing to always check for when searching for curtains is their length.

Ideally, you’ll want the curtains to reach as close to the floor as possible since it looks elegant and offers the best insulation.

You don’t have to worry about air seeping out through the bottoms or sides of the curtains, letting cool air in during the winter.

Best Energy Saving Curtains FAQs

1. Do energy saving curtains really work?

Energy saving curtains are a fantastic addition to your home that truly work using basic science.

By blocking light transfer through your windows, they reduce the heat in your home in the summer.

While in the winter, the thick materials insulate the warmth indoors, preventing it from escaping through windows.

2. How to make energy saving thermal curtains?

Making thermal curtains at home is possible as long as you have the right materials.

The most important component is insulating fabric, which is necessary to create the blackout and heat-saving benefits.

All you need to do is sew the second panel of insulating fabric to the back of a generic set of curtains for energy saving benefits.

3. What are energy saving curtains?

Energy saving curtains come in many shapes, styles, lengths, and colors, but their primary purpose is to help you save money on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

With their unique designs, you can stop air from transferring as easily through your windows and window casing.

4. What’s the difference between energy saving vs. blackout curtains?

There aren’t any differences between energy saving and blackout curtains, as they’re designed the same.

They both have an extra thick layer of fabric that blocks out up to 99% sunlight while also boosting the curtain’s energy efficiency.

5. How much money do energy saving curtains save?

The amount of money your curtains will save can vary considerably.

However, most households find energy saving curtains help them save up to 25% of their average heating and cooling costs.

What Are the Best Energy Saving Curtains?

The NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains are the best energy saving curtains with their high-quality design.

The lofty fabric looks elegant when installed, and the easy-to-use grommets make the curtains fantastic for any curtain rods.

Along with the darker colors blocking nearly 100% of the light transfer, the thick material helps to stop drafts in their tracks.

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