Design related delay costs in construction

Design related delay costs can be quite expensive and can compromise the outcome of a project.

Completing projects on time is an sign of efficiency. (Yang et al., 2010). Therefore when project costs or schedules pass their proposed targets, client satisfaction is compromised. (Kaliba et al., 2009). Design-related problems are among the top four causes of delays. In short, the most common are:

  • misinterpretation of client’s requirements,
  • revisions in design documents,
  • wrong design and subsequent redesigning.

The main effects of delays are:

  • time and cost overrun,
  • decrease in profits for contractor,
  • financial loss for client due to prolonged construction phase,
  • distrust between client and contractor,
  • legal disputes among various parties and
  • total withdrawal of project. (Ansari et al., 2017).

To mitigate this risk, at ROSSO MATTO we do 3D walkthroughs and animations to check the project design and the materials. So we can chance them, if needed, in the moste cost-effective way: in the model, not during construction.

What’s your strategy to minimise the risk of design-related delays?


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