Client related delay costs in construction


Delays during construction is an issue worldwide and it’s one of the main causes of costs rising. And the role of the clients is crucial in this, as they often tend to be late in approving design documents or taking decisions, and change orders excessively during constructions. (Tafazzoli, 2017).

Certainly client interference is among top ten most important factors causing delay. (Qudah et al., 2002). Lawsuits, exaggerated prices, loss of productivity and revenue, and contract termination are some of the consequences (Megha et al., 2013).

We all had at least one client who changed her/his mind and wanted few changes during the construction phase, compromising the completion time and budget. To mitigate this risk, at ROSSO MATTO we do 3D walkthroughs and 360° videos to show the client how the project will look like and let her/him experience how it feels to be in it.


What is your strategy to prevent the risk of delay due to the client’s

change of mind in the construction phase?



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