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Best Energy Saving Film for Windows of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Windows allow natural light into your home to beautify your living spaces.

They also contribute to increasing indoor heat during hot days and reducing warmth on cool days.

To prevent both from taking a toll on your heating and cooling systems, you can install an energy saving film for windows.

Also called heat control window films, energy-saving films can improve your home’s energy efficiency throughout the year.

If that sounds like a goal worth pursuing, check out these five energy-saving films to find the one that best fits your needs.

Energy Saving Film for Windows Reviews

1. Arthome One-Way Heat Control Window Film

A relatively affordable and straightforward way to cool your home and afford extra privacy is to install the Arthome One Way Heat Control Window Film.

See what it has to offer below.

Product Highlights

The good thing about this window film is that you’ll breeze through the installation process.

All you need to install this film comes in a pack housing a tape measure, a cutting tool, and a squeegee, among others.

Unlike other products, it doesn’t require any special tools or fixatives.

Static is all it needs to adhere to your windows, meaning you should have it in place with no fuss and bother. It also means it peels off easily.

It is a superb heat control film that helps reduce energy costs on a budget that suits you.

Also, it is capable of blocking out a significant amount of direct sunlight, resulting in the perfect comfort level indoors during the day.

It could even help cool your living spaces enough that you won’t need to depend as much on your cooling systems to stay comfortable.

Plus, you might see your energy bills drop significantly when this happens.

What We Like

Aside from reducing unwanted solar heat through windows by as much as 85 percent, this high-quality window film also blocks out 98 percent of ultraviolet rays.

Not only is it an energy-saving window film, but it’s also a product great for skin health.

What We Do Not Like

One of the good things about this Arthome film is its tinted structure that keeps the heating elements at bay, including radiant visible light, during day time.

That said, this design can have the opposite effect at nighttime when the temperatures drop and you need to warm your home up a bit.

This type of window film also blocks a significant amount of light from shining through your windows, so your home will look highly illuminated when it gets dark.

This would make it easy for passers-by to see inside your home.

Thus, if you are concerned about your privacy in the evenings, this film might not be for you despite its energy-efficient performance.


  • Easy to install
  • Simple and affordable
  • Blocks up to 98 percent of UV rays
  • Reduces unwanted solar heat that comes through windows by 85 percent


  • Not ideal for nighttime privacy
  • Blocks out heating elements

2. BDF S05 Heat Control Window Film

Something comparable to the first product but also has its set of unique energy efficiency benefits is the BDF S05.

Check it out and see if it’s what you need.

Product Highlights

Installation is a breeze with this one, too, since you don’t need special tools or adhesives to set it up.

You also won’t need to use glue to stick it to your window. It should cling to your window securely, thanks to static.

That said, a bit of soapy water is necessary to set the film in place. Don’t worry about this step making it harder to peel off because it won’t.

It gets you the privacy you need during the day because the reflective film keeps people from seeing inside your home when there is more light outside.

The home’s occupants, however, can still see outside.

Additionally, the film blocks out UV rays considerably. Thus, not only does it help keep your home cool but also prevents your skin from getting damaged.

What We Like

A standout feature of this window film is its reasonable cost.

You rarely find such an intelligently-designed heat control window film with a reasonably low price tag.

It is definitely something to consider if you are not looking to break the bank with your energy efficiency efforts.

What We Do Not Like

As you may have guessed, this window film has a similar downside to the previous one.

The film’s reflective nature means that when there is more light inside your home than outside, people can easily see what you are doing inside.

Sadly, that means bye-bye privacy, especially if you live in a crowded part of town.

Not to mention, it could be a way for people with ill intent to keep tabs on the goings-on inside your home.


  • Helps cool your home during daytime
  • Keeps you from relying too much on your air conditioner for comfort
  • Reasonably priced
  • Blocks a good amount of UV rays


  • Reflective property
  • Easy for people outside to see inside your home at night

3. KESPEN One-Way Home Window Film For Heat Rejection

KESPEN is one of the leading providers of top-quality window films, so it is not surprising that a product of theirs is on this list.

This window film, in particular, is a quick and easy way to bring you more privacy at home or in the office.

At the same time, it helps increase the money you put into energy savings.

Product Highlights

The heat can get particularly nasty during the summer.

When this heat enters a non-window-film-reinforced window, it could make for pretty uncomfortable living conditions.

While you can effectively combat this with your ever-reliable cooling systems, the toll it will take on your air-conditioning units and energy bills may be too much.

Enter energy-efficient window films like this KESPEN film for heat rejection.

It’s capable of blocking as much as 91 percent of direct sunlight. Thus, it provides a significantly cooler home with an extra layer of privacy.

You will find this window film incredibly useful for wintertime, too.

It can keep heat from escaping your home and block it from entering your home at the same time.

That means you can put more into your heating energy savings during the colder months.

What We Like

Here is another reflective film that affords your home an additional layer of privacy during daylight hours.

While the same cannot be said at night, you should be fine if you draw your window blinds closed.

What We Do Not Like

The issue is when you do not have blinds or curtains.

That means you may need to dim the lights very low or turn them off completely to get the privacy you need.


  • Blocks heat from entering during summer
  • Keeps heat from escaping during winter
  • Blocks more than 90 percent of the sun’s rays


  • Needs to be used with blinds or curtains for nighttime privacy

4. Heat Blocking Window Film

If you are not looking to spend any more on heat protection than is necessary, this window film could be for you.

Do not let this relatively cheap product fool you, though; its energy-saving technology is up there with the best of them.

Product Highlights

This may be the least expensive option on this list, but it still ranks among the best when it comes to blocking out heat.

It helps prevent 97 percent of UV rays from entering your home, helping ensure the protection and comfort of occupants and the reduction of your energy bills.

It is an excellent choice of window film for the summer when the heat can get unbearable.

Just spend the bare minimum on this exceptional product, and you get solar radiation protection to match that of some of the best on the market.

What We Like

Another thing you might like about this window film is its easy installation.

There is really nothing to it. You just rely on static to stick the film onto the window, though you may want to apply soapy water for the best results.

Either way, you will find the film comes off easily when you decide to remove it.

What We Do Not Like

A slight drawback is that you cannot install this film on a window that is even slightly dirty. That is unless you are okay with bubbles appearing, which we wager you are not.


  • Relatively inexpensive option
  • Super-easy to install
  • Blocks as much as 97 percent of UV rays


  • Bubbles can be a problem during installation
  • Requires the window to be completely clean

5. Heat Control Window Film 3D Static Decoration

energy saving film for windows

In the market for a window film that delivers as superbly at heat reduction as it does on adding an extra level of privacy?

If so, you’ve got yourself an excellent candidate in the 3D Static Decoration.

It is a particularly great choice for those who aren’t fans of the reflective feature of many window films.

Product Highlights

Instead of that fairly common reflective feature you see on most films, this one possesses a unique, attractive pattern that gives off a glittering effect when light hits it.

Aside from the aesthetic benefit, the 3D Static Decoration is capable of preventing up to 96 percent of UV rays from entering your home through your windows.

This helps improve your energy efficiency and helps you save more money on utility bills as a result.

As far as window film installations go, this offers one of the easiest.

It requires no special adhesives or tools; you need only rely on static to adhere the film to your window.

What We Like

You will love the extra layer of privacy this window film provides.

Unlike the other films here, this one helps you maintain a good level of privacy at night because of the reduced reflective surface.

What We Do Not Like

It won’t keep people from spying on you should they decide to.

That said, the unique pattern on this window film means by-passers should see no more than your silhouette, even if they look a little closer.


  • Unique, less-reflective pattern
  • Great for daytime and nighttime privacy
  • Easy installation
  • Blocks up to 96 percent of UV rays


  • Shows your silhouette through the window

Considerations for Buying Energy-Saving Window Films

Whether you want to improve your window’s look, increase privacy and security, boost heat reduction, or achieve a combination of two or more features, there is a window film out there that meets your requirements.

Here are the key features to keep an eye out for when choosing an energy-saving window film:

1. Solar Control

One benefit of window film is that it reduces solar heat gain from windows without having to use blinds, curtains, window quilts, or any window cover.

Solar control films let enough natural light enter your home without overheating it.

Not to mention, they also offer protection from UV rays and add an extra layer of privacy and security to your home.

2. Strength

Even the standard window films are strong enough to help prevent windows from breaking apart.

Even if a force is strong enough to break the glass, the film covering should keep the pieces intact and protect you from the shattered glass.

3. Heat Transfer

The three different ways heat can pass through glass windows are through air infiltration, conduction, and radiation.

By understanding how heat transfer occurs, you can select the right window film that suits your needs and budget, ensuring excellent comfort.

Do you need a film that uses glare-reduction technology or implements a mix of features?

When you know the science behind what you are trying to prevent, you can make buying window films a more cost-efficient venture.

4. Design

Window films are as much a decoration as they are a functional enhancement to your windows.

You may want a film that creates interest as well as successfully keeps the UV rays wreaking havoc on your living spaces.

The energy efficiency industry is growing, which means you have all the options in the world when it comes to window film designs.

That said, when shopping for products geared toward achieving a high level of performance, the goal is to pick one that reduces energy consumption.

Going for a model with more advanced features could put you at risk of not being as energy efficient as you would want.

That’s because an added feature could use up or waste some form of energy.

To avoid that, you will want to stick to simple products with straightforward operations and installations.

This not only applies to window films but also to any product whose focus is on energy efficiency.

5. Price

The journey toward energy efficiency is not a cheap one, but it does not always have to be expensive, either.

For example, you can try adopting a more energy-efficient behavior and being more conscious about the energy you use.

There does not always have to be a monetary investment; a minor lifestyle change would suffice initially.

That said, if you decide to invest in energy-efficient products, you can start off with relatively affordable options like LED light bulbs and window films.

Generally, having standard window films installed should not set you back more than $5 to $8 per square foot.

On the other hand, expect to spend around $10 to $12 per square foot for high-end options.

As you can imagine, that isn’t cheap by any means.

However, it is comparatively cheaper than investing in Energy Star-rated freezers, air conditioners, water heaters, or washing machines.

Some energy-efficient products can blow a hole through your wallet; an energy saving film for windows doesn’t have to.

Energy-Efficient Window Films FAQs

1. What materials are used to make window films?

More often than not, polyethylene terephthalate or PET is what mainly composes window films. This material is a thermoplastic polymer resin belonging to the polyester family.

It offers high dimensional stability and incredible tensile strength.

Aside from that, it has great clarity, making it an ideal compound to use on a material that you stick on windows.

It is important to keep in mind that the main compound used to manufacture window films is not the same as the factory-applied glazed coatings used on high-performance windows.

That said, they do have similar features. When installed correctly, a high-quality window film can potentially outperform a factory-applied coating.

2. What are the advantages of having a window film installed?

Having a window film installed actually holds a ton of benefits, the main one being heat reduction.

Window films are mainly used to reduce the solar heat that makes your living space warm for comfort, which can cause all kinds of problems, including health issues, long term.

Reduced heat also means less reliance on your air-conditioning units, reducing your energy consumption and utility bills as a result.

Moreover, window films add an extra layer of privacy and security to the home.

Many models tend to offer enhanced privacy during the day than at nighttime, though some perform well at both.

Window films also function as decorations and come in different designs.

Some are purely aesthetic, but others, especially the reflective pattern on most films, add to its functionality.

They keep light from either entering through or escaping via the windows of your home.

In the daytime, this prevents people from seeing inside your house, but it does the exact opposite and allows them to see into your home come nighttime.

In case you want to maintain nighttime privacy with these types of window films, consider having blinds or curtains installed.

3. Can window films control heat effectively?

Yes, they can. High-quality window films are as effective at keeping heat outside as it is at preventing it from escaping your home.

This dual-purpose function makes it great for year-round energy efficiency.

That said, the greatest impact of these devices occurs during the seasons of temperature extremes: summer and winter.

That’s because it is in these months when the climate takes the biggest toll on heating and cooling systems.

According to the Department of Energy, the HVAC system is one of the major consumers of electricity in the household.

When quality window films work in tandem with efficient heating and cooling systems, you won’t have to set the thermostat any higher than it needs to be during the summer and winter months.

4. How much can you expect to spend on window films?

Having an old window in your home replaced with a high-end glazed window can set you back up to a thousand dollars.

While these windows are certainly more energy efficient, they do blow a hole through your wallet.

Not to mention, thermal performance will depend on how well the rest of the home is geared toward energy efficiency.

If it is not, then a thousand-dollar investment does not seem to be worth it.

That doesn’t have to be the case with window films, with standard models costing $5 to $8 per square foot on average.

Luxury options can set you back up to $12 per square foot, which isn’t too bad, even if you factor in the fee from hiring a professional installer.

Window film installations are down there with LED lighting installations as some of the cheapest home improvements for energy efficiency.

5. Do window films work for all homeowners?

Not necessarily.

For those yet to build their homes, it could be better to opt for newer energy-efficient window technology, such as glass windows with low solar gain.

The SHGC and U-Values of these windows are some of the highest out there. They could definitely help maximize your energy-efficiency efforts at home.

That said, they are among the most expensive alternatives. They are worth saving up for if your goal is to live a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

No Shortage of Options!

And there you have it—five awesome and affordable energy-saving window films to consider installing on your windows!

These products stand out, in particular, because of their easy installation, affordable prices, and safety and security properties.

The market has a lot more in store if nothing on our list meets your needs perfectly, but any of these options should be a great place to start!

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